Diane Butler, Esq.

Diane Butler was born in raised in the Los Angeles community to a honest, hard working mother and father. She developed a passion for helping people at an early age, and continued to enhance this passion as she grew older. Diane was especially inspired to pursue Law when her oldest sister passed away due to faulty city property, and she witnessed the great injustices of her family receiving unfair compensation from the city. Diane vowed from this day to go to law school to fight for the People.

After many years as a paralegal, Diane Butler went on to not only attend People’s College of Law but she graduated among the top of her class! Even though it was a struggle to pass the bar while also being a single mother raising a son, she enjoyed every moment of it. This passion paid off when she passed the Bar exam and was admitted to practice law in California in 2006.

Attorney Diane Butler is especially proficient at those areas of law involving estate planning, bankruptcy, debt reorganization, and personal injury. Don’t hesitate to call her for any issues you may be facing. You will not regret it!.

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